The Benefits of the Global Virus

By Paul Bauer

Hope you and your loved ones are well. We are in the midst of one of the greatest shifts in our world culture.  This virus event isn’t just a physical event, it is a mental/emotional/spiritual shift that is unprecedented in its scope and reach. 

The question isn’t about survival, it’s about how we will learn from this event to help propel us forward in our lives.

First, let’s start with some good news. 

  • Oxford University researchers as shown the pandemic is in a later stage than previously thought.
  • They suggest that tens of millions of people worldwide have already been infected and are thus, are already immune. This is GOOD news!
  • The outbreak actually started in early January and vast majority of cases presented mild or no symptoms.

More info On Oxford Study

   * Virtually all of the most polluted cities in the world have the cleanest air that they’ve had in over 30 years. Imagine that! 

The virus didn’t just suddenly start in March, it’s been going on across the United States and in many other countries as far back as January. Many of us have already been subjected to the virus and *have developed an immunity to it*. (That’s what our immune systems naturally do).

It’s simply not realistic for us to stay indoors or locked away from society for extended periods of time. Our immune systems are far more powerful than many experts give credit. And at some point we all have to return to our normal lives.

Here are simple ways for you to strengthen your immune system and get ready for our collective "bounce back". (We are about to experience an unprecedented rebound in our economy as well as our collective consciousness.)

* Meditate at least once a day to calm your mind and let go of thoughts and emotions that don’t serve you

  * Use Essential Oils daily to purify your air and enhance your immune system (more on this later)

  * Take at least one brisk walk a day or exercise for at least 15 to 20 minutes to get your heartbeat and blood flowing

  * Unplug from the “noise" of the bad news networks (and websites)

  * Reach out to your friends and family and reconnect with them (Now is the perfect time to re-establish connections with people who are important to you)

  * Take time to journal how are you feeling. Within your feelings are amazing gifts and insights that might otherwise go unnoticed

  * Ask yourself "in what ways can I contribute to help people move through this time of uncertainty and stress?"

The more you step back from the “doom and gloom“ stories and you refresh your mind, emotions and energy system, the more you will be blessed and transformed in this world wide shift.

No Matter Where You Look, People Are Being Kind to Each Other

People and small businesses are delivering groceries to their elderly neighbors in self-isolation; kids are caring for the homeless; social media users are setting up “caremongering” groups to support each other and share helpful information; people are sharing their toilet paper with community members.

There are even more stories of kindness and compassion being reported from around the world every day—so remember to keep your chin up during the weeks ahead and remind yourself that this situation might not be as terrible as your social media feed might have you believe.

After the virus is gone

Months from now, when you look back - what will you have learned about yourself and humanity. 

What have you learn per so far from this event? And how have you been inspired in someway? (please share your comments below)

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