Blessings In Disguise

It’s been said that before we make any real breakthroughs in our lives, they're often preceded by breakdowns (things falling apart or going the opposite direction you intended).

Let’s expand the definition of a “breakdown”. I doesn’t have to be an intense event. It could be that life didn’t give you what you wanted most. 

It could be a job issue
A setback in your financial life
A goal that you set for yourself that didn’t go the way you expected

And here’s it a big one for most of us:

Being hurt by someone you love (or admire)

I’m sure you can come up with many examples of your own of breakdowns or events were you felt disappointment, anger, misunderstood, judged and a range of other emotions when life goes awry.

These breakdowns are actually blessings (but don’t tell that to the ego because it wants to stay in control and prevent anyone or anything from upsetting its status quo.)

One thing is for sure. The ego cannot stand when things don’t go as planned. In other words when it cannot control the outcome.

“Blessings in Disguise”

So how can breakdowns actually be blessings in disguise?

Because they can pierce the armor of the ego in a way that nothing else can. It’s like the old quote by Khalil Gabran that says:

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that
encloses your understanding”

I’ll never forget the day I read that quote for the first time. So genuine. So pure. So wise.

But that’s not what most of us are looking for, right? To realize that any pain is a gift? Try telling that to yourself right in the midst of a painful event. It doesn’t go so well.  :-)

But if you ask, “What if there is a hidden gift in this experience for me?”


“What if there’s more to the situation thanI might realize?”

And really tune in and listen , something begins to shift

A softening of the mind. An opening begins to happen because suddenly you may begin to see that there are simply two choices:

  1. Life sends you events that hurt you and disappoint you

  1. Life gives you the very things you need most (hidden within highs and lows)

The difference between number one and number two determines not just how successful you are, but your inner happiness as well. 

People that think that number one is true have a victim mentality and tend to blame the universe for their problems.

But people who believe in number two (that life gives you the very things you need most moment to moment) are balanced, resilient, compassionate and emotionally stable.

This is not meant to be judgemental. It’s simply a message that we occasionally need to hear (especially with life doesn’t give us what we want). 

As I mentioned in my first message, this past six months has been a roller coaster of emotions - filled with highs and lows. 

Just a snippet of what I experienced.

  • A major trauma that occurred to someone I cared about deeply. Watching them suffer was worse than it happening to me.

  • The ending of a wonderful loving relationship

  • A project that completely blew up that I was hoping to complete

And mixed in with those “negative” experiences were moments of incredible joy, laughter, connection, play end inner peace. 

Yes, the very definition of highs and lows!

And as I look back on that series of events, I’m still amazed how much I learned about myself and how life is our greatest teacher. 

The Silent Teacher

While these events were happening (especially the lows) I was tracking my Heartwave energy (which I’ve been doing for over 10 years.)

Something dramatic was happening during those low times. It may not seem surprising to you that my Heartwave energy dropped. 

But what caught my attention was: 

  1. The amount it dropped
  2. How long it took for it to come back to “normal“

And the real journey began at that point. Because what I learned during that intense trauma was not just that it was affecting my Heart's energy, but there were something very specific that brought it back to normal!

My intuition told to begin practicing a simple technique that took me just a few minutes to do. And then my intuition told me to test my Heartwave energy again. And it increased dramatically!

And I was simply amazed.

Hidden within one of the worst traumas of my life was one of the greatest gifts I have ever experienced. So I decided that I was going to practice the same process every day with the intent of learning from the experience

And boy did I learn!

Without sounding too dramatic, what happened in the next several weeks was like a miracle for me. Because not only did I heal the trauma, but it gave me the inspiration to create a process that anyone could use to dissolve literally any form of pain, frustration, disappointment, energy block, etc. 

And measure their Heartwave Energy (before and after to prove that it worked at a physical, emotional, and energetic level). 

Because it gets right to the core of who we are. In other words how it affects our mind, Heart and body. 

In my next message I will share with you the specifics of what I did to clear the trauma and the other negative emotions that popped up after the setbacks that have occurred.

Until then my friend,

May your heart and mind be filled with light

Paul Bauer

What events have shown up in your life that have been blessings in disguise?