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The New Breakthrough in Meditation Beyond the Limits of Brainwaves


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Meditation is now mainstream - people of all kinds use our Clear-Mind program to reduce anxiety, stress and tension. Time magazine considers meditation as one of the most important things you can do for your health and well being. Get our free report on how Clear-Mind™ can help you calm your mind and reach states of deep calm and relaxation.

This powerful new program helps you learn:

  • The amazing power of Heartwaves and how they can help you experience deep inner peace and clarity

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  • How to free yourself from the "Restless Mind", reduce stress and feel inner peace that lasts throughout your day
  • Achieve restful sleep and feel a new sense of connectedness and energy

"Clear-Mind is absolutely amazing. I've been through years of hypnotherapy and years of seminars - and I never, ever had the total sense of peace and centeredness that I get with Clear-Mind - and now I can there in seconds..."

- Barry Smail - East Providence, Rhode Island

"Clear Mind is fabulous. I can now go into a deeper meditation which I was previously unable to do. I'm now more relaxed and less moody and able to handle a stressful situation. I have already told my friends about your wonderful program. Compared to others, it's easy.....I tell them Paul is wonderful, and a very genuine man. This program is the best thing that I have done."

- Susan Henderson, Brisbane, Australia