Do Stressful Thoughts Slow You Down?

Ever Wish There Was A Simpler Way To Calm Your Mind? 

Here's how you can learn to eliminate stress faster than you ever thought possible, avoid inner conflict and use the incredible power of your Higher Self and Subconscious Mind to manifest your wildest dreams and passions and create lasting abundance in your life

If you've had trouble with focusing, or trying to calm your mind..

Clear-Mind™ will be the most transformational
program you've ever experienced

Dear Friend, 

Do you ever feel stressed or overwhelmed trying to keep up with the fast pace of everyday life?

Do you ever ask yourself: Why can't I seem to "turn-off" my restless mind? 

Have you tried meditating, but gotten little or no results?

You're not alone - there are literally millions of people who are unable to calm their over-active minds. I used to have the same problem. I struggled with issues of uncertainty, lack of clarity, I couldn't stay focused on any one thing for any length of time and it affected my work, my relationships and in some cases even my health. 

After years of struggle, I discovered the secret, but I'll tell you more about that in just a minute... Have you ever considered how valuable having clarity and focus is to you? 

If you're looking for improvements in your life, what would greater insight and clarity mean to you? If you could see things that others simply can't see, how would that ability affect your life? Would it make you more effective in your work? Would it inspire you to create your new idea, project, book, or contribution to mankind? How could it help your prosperity and abundance?

Let me share a story with you...

There was a time in my life when I longed for freedom. Freedom from worry. Freedom from the endless list of to do's. Freedom from my overactive mind. Freedom from the 9 to 5 trance and the "Not Enough" Effect that has infected millions of people for hundreds of years. My Dad had the same problem and I thought I was going to have to live with that same affliction.

Something Happened That Changed Everything...

After trying meditation for almost 10 years, I discovered something that cleared the "Restless Mind" better than all the meditations I ever experienced.

So, I began sharing this method with family members, friends and then a select group of clients and customers.

And I was simply stunned...

Their results equaled - and in many cases exceeded mine...

This letter gives you an insight into what they experienced. And as you read on you'll learn the secret of Clear-Mind™.

There is an old Zen story that the way to calm the mind and stop thinking is similar to how to clear a muddy pool. Not by action, by doing, or by stirring it up, but by stillness, by letting it be, and by letting it settle itself.

The problem is we were never taught how to "stop thinking".

In fact, try right now, close your eyes and try to stop thinking...

How'd you do? Did it work?

The problem for most of us is we're not even aware of the stream of thoughts that are flowing through our minds at any one time. It's like asking a fish if they notice the water they're swimming in. The fact is, its part of their environment - they don't even notice it.

Can you see the analogy here? If we're not even aware of the what's happening in our consciousness - our own minds, how can we notice what we're saying to ourselves? How can we have clarity if we don't understand what clarity really feels like?

When your mind is overactive or "restless", it's harder to think clearly and remain focused. The longer we stay in "Restless Mind" states, the more stress builds up in our mind and body. When that stress builds over time, our bodies begin to experience the effects of aging and dis-ease. 

But now, with the help of Clear-Mind, calming the "Restless Mind" is simpler than ever

When you use Clear-Mind, within just minutes, you'll begin to feel the stress of your day begin to melt away. And with daily use, you'll be able to remain calm - even when stressful thoughts or events occur.

This daily practice with Clear-Mind does three important things for you...

1) It dramatically lowers your overall stress levels and decreases your blood pressure - the number one cause of heart disease and ill health.

2) It opens up your creativity and feeling of aliveness and passion

3) It gives you a profound sense of connectedness and clarity

As you practice Clear-Mind daily, you'll begin to experience what's called "Clear-Mind" states. In other words, even when stress or doubt begin to appear, you'll experience a deep feeling of centeredness and inner peace.

In time, you'll be able to look back and notice things that once caused you anxiety or stress instead bring you peace.

Relaxing with Clear-Mind gives you a renewed sense of energy and awareness that transforms problems into opportunities for growth and inner peace.

"I never, ever had the total sense of peace and centeredness that I get with Clear-Mind"

"Clear-Mind is absolutely amazing. I've been through years of hypnotherapy and years of seminars - and I never, ever had the total sense of peace and centeredness that I get with Clear-Mind - and I can there in seconds..."

- Barry Smail - East Providence, Rhode Island

All that holds you back from what you want most and how you want to feel are just memories and old programs in your subconscious - waiting to be freed.

Now is your chance to free yourself of these old memories and live in the present - joyful, free and fully alive... 

"It just keeps getting better & better" Clear Mind, 
WOW, what a gem!!! 

"Using Clear Mind has allowed me to relax & listen to my inner voice. My business is prospering because I am able to release the resistance & the blocks that I was previously unaware that I even had! By using Clear Mind, when a situation that used to send me into a spin occurs, I am able to find solutions that were just not available before. Also, I just don't have the stress levels that kept me from sleeping & functioning in a healthily way anymore. I am so thankful for this, it just keeps getting better & better. "

- Barbara Collard, Killeen, Texas

 How to Free Yourself From the Limits Of Your Mind

If you've had a challenge calming your mind or if you've tried meditating without success, you're not alone. It took me years to quiet my mind and even though after practicing for years I could reach fairly deep states, I couldn't seem to access those "Clear-Mind" states during my day.

Maybe you can relate...

People tell me its the hardest thing for them to do, but when you use the new Clear-Mind™ meditation program it's guaranteed to help you calm the Restless Mind - faster than you've ever thought possible - even if nothing you've used seems to work.

The Part Of You That's Far More
Powerful Than Your Mind

One of the most powerful parts of Clear-Mind™ is how it helps you tap into your "Heart Consciousness". Studies done by Dr. Paul Pearsall, The Institute of Heartmath and many other respected leaders in the field of Mind/Body Medicine have proven that the Heart is far more powerful than the mind. 

Remember how we talked about the "The Polarized Mind"?

In short, when you're stressed, your mind becomes polarized (split into two parts) and creates more stress as a result. But your mind can't be polarized (scattered) when you feel from your Heart.  

With Clear-Mind, you'll learn specific ways of tapping into your "Heart Consciousness".
Plus, when you access your Heart's deep intelligence, your "Mana"-festing power grows exponentially.

The Magic Of Heartwaves

"Clear-Mind™ is the biggest breakthrough
in meditation
in over 50 years."

Clear-Mind is the first meditation program that helps not just your mind, but your Heart as well.

Each time you use Clear-Mind, it helps align your mind and your Heart and feel the renewed sense of focus and aliveness.

The Most Practical Thing You Can
Ever Do For Yourself

When our minds are restless and over-active, we feel scattered and overwhelmed. But when your mind is calm, you have clarity, focus and a sense of connectedness and inner peace.

With Clear-Mind, you'll quickly discover an inner peace that you didn't know existed - plus you'll discover ways of tapping into that clarity and focus that brings you joy and passion that lasts.

"Clear Mind is fabulous. I can now go into a deeper meditation which I was previously unable to do."

"Clear Mind is fabulous. I can now go into a deeper meditation which I was previously unable to do. I'm now more relaxed and less moody and able to handle a stressful situation. A new clarity I have from taking this Course is that I don't have to try and fix things including myself. To align with Spirit work through me. That was my biggest reason for doing this program. I have already told my friends about your wonderful program. Compared to others, it's not hard work.....I tell them Paul is wonderful, and a very genuine man. This program is the best thing that I have done. "

- Susan Henderson, Brisbane, Australia

The Secret of Clear-Mind - Unichord™

Clear-Mind™ uses the new breakthrough Uni-Chord™ sound technology. Uni-Chord™ integrates the sound of ocean waves with a special blend of scientifically proven frequencies that stimulate your entire energy system (not just the brain).

Because Clear-Mind™ isn't focused on just your brain, it allows you to tap into the power of your Heartwaves™ and the energy of your entire body and energy system.

In other words, Clear-Mind isn't just a meditation tool - it's a consciousness tool..

Brainwaves are just a measure of the energy coming off your brain.

Heartwaves are the waves that your heart produces when you feel feelings of love, gratitude and being in the Present Moment. Research has now shown that Heartwaves are more powerful than brainwaves and with new advances in mind body medicine, scientists are in agreement that the new frontier is the power of the Heartwave™.

The key to the Uni-Chord™ sound technology is how it activates the connection between your mind and your heart

Clear-Mind™ helps create endorphins throughout your entire body. Endorphins are the "feel good" hormones that help to reduce your body's stress levels and make you feel calm, optimistic and vibrantly healthy.

Each time you use Clear-Mind™, your whole body begins to feel the flow of these endorphins (and other positive neurotransmitters). The result is you feel energized, focused and ready to move forward with optimism and clarity.

Why Rely on the Limits of Brainwaves?
When You Can Tap Into The Power 
of Your Heartwaves

Heartwaves - are whole new way to tap into the power hidden within you.

Each time you use Clear-Mind™, your mind and body remembers what it feels like to feel calm and centered. As you continue to practice with Clear-Mind™, your mind, your Heart and your whole body grow stronger. And each time you return, it gets easier and easier to achieve "Clear-Mind" states.

Your Heartwaves give you the feeling of inner peace and joy that you long for. 

While the brain has been looked at as the center of our consciousness, recent research
has shown that belief to be false.

"I can feel the shift in my heart rate, the
calmness  that sets my day."

"I love using Clear Mind - I actually schedule time in my morning when I arrive at the office, close my door and use Clear-Mind to meditate. I can feel the shift in my heart rate, the calmness that sets my day. I love the ocean so I feel right at home. I can set my intent for the day and off we go. I also use Clear Mind if I find myself in a difficult situation to calm me and to provide clarity. The difference it has made in my life is simply stunning."

- Deb Marlor - Boise, Idaho

"Clear Mind is fabulous. I can now go into a deeper meditation which I was previously unable to do."

"Using Clear Mind, I found what my core beliefs were that kept me from getting what I desired. I have since had many "coincidences" come into my life. I discovered how to activate the wisdom from years of studying vibrational energy into a reality. I feel that I got it all from my head to my heart. I can feel my whole body relaxed."

- Gloria Bonella, Elkhorn, Nebraska 

"All of man's problems stem from his inability
to sit quietly with himself"
- Pascal

Clear-Mind™ will help you'll master how to calm your mind and achieve inner peace and harmony. Most people believe that it takes years to learn meditation, but with Clear-Mind™, you'll experience deep states of calm and clarity within just minutes a day.

Even if you've tried meditating with little or no success, with Clear-Mind™ you'll make more progress in a few days than you've made in years.

"It's not just New Age any more. Americans of all kinds are meditating to boost their immune systems and to reduce stress."
- Time Magazine - Aug 2003

"Clear mind opens the path to the heart ...its' magical"

"Clear Mind has been one of the best tools to have found me. It has become a magical tool for me and I use it before sleep at night, and during the day when I need answers. It takes me to a higher state of meditation and does what it is called, it clears the mind. Clear mind opens the path to the heart, relaxes the mind and the body, frees the mind and allows you to “feel” and imagine what you want is already read and done. At other times, it is just peaceful to sit and listen and see and feel what comes to you. I believe everyone should have Clear-Mind and experience what it can do for you."

~ Bonnie James, Ofallon, IL

"Clear mind makes meditating easy."

"Clear-Mind makes meditating easy. I feel so new and refreshed after listening to clear mind, I love it. I feel a "peaceness" about my life now. I've discovered new strengths and how to use them. Most of all I have experienced a deeper connection to God than I ever have in my entire life. Clear-Mind is the most wonderful and amazing experience you will every have."

~ Marlo Brewitz, St. Paul, MN 

Which Of These Proven Results Will Help You Most?

  • Immediate stress relief - even when stress has built up because Clear-Mind™ helps you find the "Oasis of Calm" within you

  • Reach a relaxed state of mind and body within minutes

  • Promotes deep restful sleep - without drugs or expensive therapy

  • Instant creativity that you can use in your career, and your manifesting practice

  • Inner clarity that brings you a feeling of confidence and self esteem that no one can take away from you

  • Learn how being the Observer -"The Witness" can help you see things with new clarity and perspective

  • How to tap the unused 90% of your mind that will reveal amazing results in your career, your finances, your health and your relationships

  • Bypass the self-sabotaging left brain filters and increase your mind's effectiveness - as described by noted Neuroscientist Dr Thomas Budzynski
  • Produce natural Endorphins (the "feel good" hormone) that help to reduce your body's stress levels and make you feel calm, optimistic and vibrantly healthy

  • Increased creativity, advanced learning states, and improved memory
  • Induces a state of Mind/Heart balance which gives you the same kind of inspired thought patterns often associated with creative geniuses such as Mozart, Albert Einstein, Socrates and more

  • Helps increase and balance the connection between your mind and your Heart - which gives you a greater sense of peace and clarity

  • Helps to reduce anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, and many other negative emotions that may be plaguing your life
  • Stimulates creation of new Neural connections between your Mind and Heart which promotes deep meditation and immediate stress relief

  • How to live in the present - to be fully in the NOW - and not worry about the past and fret about the future.
  • How to remain calm in any situation - even when things begin to overwhelm you.
  • Clear-Mind will bring your body, mind, emotions and spirit into harmony like a symphony orchestra. (Most diseases are caused by the dis-harmony between mind and body.

  • How to transcend problems by finding your center - and knowing how to access this center with ease

  • How to increase the effectiveness of your favorite book or method (EFT, Sedona Method, The Power Of Now, etc) by 200-500%

"With Clear-Mind - I feel peace."

"I have another program similar to Clear Mind but with the sound of rain and I find that I feel sad when I listen to it for some reason. With clear mind - I feel peace. "

~ Laura Whitelaw, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

"Clear-Mind is like gold to me."

"Clear-Mind is like gold to me. The first time I ever used it, I was able to sleep the entire night (I've had insomnia for years). I haven't felt this good in along time!"

~ Belita Swan, Ottawa Ontario

Clear-Mind is really 3 Tools in one:

1) Clear Mind™ Is A Powerful Meditation Tool

Using Clear-Mind™ to Meditate
Pop on your headphones and within minutes, you'll experience deeper states of meditation than you've ever experienced. And in less than 20 minutes a day, you'll save time compared to other meditation methods so you can move on with the rest your day.

Because Clear-Mind™ helps you deepen the connection between your mind and Heart, you're able to access the power of your Heartwaves in just seconds. Tapping into your Heartwaves dramatically affects how you feel about yourself, your family, your career and your finances.

2) Clear-Mind™ helps you dramatically increase your creativity and peak performance Using Clear-Mind™ as a learning tool.

Pop on your headphones and pick your favorite personal growth book and be amazed at the depth of understanding and application you'll experience.

3) Clear-Mind™ helps clear emotional blockages

If you use EFT, TFT, TAT, Essence Method, Sedona Method or other emotional clearing techniques, Clear Mind will accelerate your emotional clearing because:

A) Clear-Mind™ helps you integrate what you've already learned and practiced into a simplified way of being - and makes it easy to remember and apply the best of this information and wisdom - so its right at your fingertips. 

B) Clear-Mind™ helps you get in touch with the deeper levels and the origin cause of any problem or emotional trauma. It helps you get to the core of the problem without having to relive it over and over. Once you've discovered and felt the core of your challenge or problem, you'll clear that problem with ease. 

C) Because Clear-Mind™ helps strengthen the connection between your mind and Heart, you have clarity about how you're feeling - and your Heart gives you the love, compassion and inner peace you need to clear even the deepest emotional wounds and traumas.

  • Unwind and Relax - anywhere
  • Meditate deeper than you ever thought possible
  • Focus and uncover your creativity
  • Eliminate stress and emotional issues in just minutes
  • Discover your "peak performance states" and activate them at will.

Move Beyond Old Filters and Blocks and Enter Into Whole New Level Of Awareness And Clarity

If you own other personal growth products and you want to take your level of understanding to a whole new level, Clear Mind is guaranteed to help you move beyond old mental and emotional patterns that have kept you form applying what you've already learned.

Clear-Mind™ helps you break through the old beliefs, patterns and filters that have ben stopping you from realizing your potential. Imagine what it would be like to feel the way you want and have the energy and awareness that you long for.

Clear-Mind™ helps you do that in less than 20 minutes a day.

Clear-Mind™ Helps You Meditate, Focus and Reach Deeper States of Clarity in Just 3 Simple Steps

1. Place your headphones on

2. Turn on the Clear-Mind™ 

3. Let Clear-Mind™ help you relax, unwind and reach deep states of clarity, focus and creativity

Here's What You're Receiving In
Your Clear-Mind™ Kit

1. The Full Clear-Mind™Audio program 

Includes 2 powerful meditation tracks. Each track is carefully designed to accelerate your meditation skills.

Plus, you'll learn how to step back, breathe and let go of unwanted stress and anxiety in just minutes. In just minutes, you'll easily be able to calm your mind, relax your body and tap into deep states of creativity and intuition.

2. Special Clear-Mind Audio Coaching Sessions (valued at 197.00)

Included in your Clear-Mind™ order, you'll receive 2 special audio trainings with the creator of Clear-Mind™ - Paul Bauer. Paul will take you through the most important elements of Clear-Mind™ and how to get the maximum benefit from it.

Remember, Clear-Mind™ isn't just a meditation tool - it helps you expand your awareness, clarity and how you perceive the world. Paul will answer any questions you have about Clear-Mind™ and the many different ways you can apply this powerful new meditation tool to achieve lasting balance, clarity and focus in your life.

3. A Powerful Heartwaves Guided Imagery By Susan Castle - Radiant Heart Therapist and Guided Imagery Expert (valued at 49.00)

You'll receive this powerful guided imagery as an extra bonus in the Members-Only Clear-Mind Resource Center. With this Heartwaves guided imageryyou'll be able to easily and effortlessly tap into the power of your Heartwaves and experience a deeper sense of inner peace.

2 Levels To Choose From

You now have 2 Levels of Clear-Mind to choose from...

Foundation LevelThis is the core of Clear-Mind. 

With the Foundation Level you get the Clear-Mind Meditation Program used by over 3000 people worldwide which includes: 

1. Two powerful Clear-Mind meditation tracks. Each track is carefully designed to accelerate your meditation skills and activate your Heartwaves.

2. Special Clear-Mind Audio Coaching Sessions (valued at 197.00)

3. A Powerful Heartwaves Guided Imagery By Susan Castle - Radiant Heart Therapist and Guided Imagery Expert (valued at 49.00) 

Advanced Level 

Designed for those who want to increase their of their meditation and Spiritual awareness, the Advanced Level of Clear-Mind will help you:

1. Deepen your meditation skills (far beyond what you've experienced as you tap into the limitless power of your Heartwaves.)

2. Clear any blocks or negative emotions that stop you from manifesting what you want most (in your career, health, relationships,energy and Soul evolution.)

3. Includes the newest processes I've created to expand your clarity and inner growth:

The Level of Presence Process (where you can discover how much of you is stuck in the past or in the future and how to come back into the NOW within just seconds

My "Morning Energy Activation Ritual" (to get clear, focused and inspired)

The Subconscious Clearing Process (when you learn this powerful process, you will be amazed!)

 ...that's just scratching the surface of what you'll get with the Advanced Level. 


One Personal Session with me to help you expand your meditation skills and get the most from Clear-Mind. Even if you struggle with meditation I'll personally help you find your inner groove to get to the quiet place within you and find the experience the piece that you know you deserve!

How do I order?

Similar programs cost over $1000 dollars and make you purchase multiple levels beyond the first purchase. Because of Clear-Mind's unique Uni-Chord™ technology, you receive the same benefits that other programs which require multiple levels give - in one simple program.

While Clear-Mind could easily be priced at that same level of other programs, we decided to keep it much more affordable.

While it's normally priced at 197.00, we're now featuring it for the special price of just $97.00

PLUS - You get our 
30 Day Guarantee
If you don't experience greater calmness, inner peace andclarity with Clear-Mind than any program you've everused, simply return it for your full money back.

Foundation Level

The Core of Clear-Mind 


  • Full Clear-Mind Audio Program
  • Special Clear-Mind Audio Coaching Sessions
  • Heartwaves Guided Imagery By Susan Castle

I look forward to hearing about the breakthroughs you achieve with Clear-Mind™.

Order your own personal copy of Clear-Mind™ today.

Paul Bauer - President Dreams Alive

You have my personal promise that Clear-Mind™ will be one of the most powerful programs you've ever used - or your money back. Why wait even one more day to tap into the power of your Heartwaves?

Order your own personal copy of Clear Mind™ by clicking here now

"It just keeps getting better & better."

"Clear Mind, WOW, what a gem!!! Using Clear Mind has allowed me to relax & listen to my inner voice. My business is prospering because I am able to release the resistance & the blocks that I was previously unaware that I even had! By using Clear Mind, when a situation that used to send me into a spin occurs, I am able to find solutions that were just not available before. Also, I just don't have the stress levels that kept me from sleeping & functioning in a healthy way anymore. I am so thankful for this, it just keeps getting better & better."

- Barbara Collard, Killeen, Texas

" amazing way of stimulating ideas for me
and bringing clarity to issues"

"My experience with Clear Mind is that it has an amazing way of stimulating ideas for me and bringing clarity to issues that I am struggling with. I sit with my journal while I listen to it and just write what comes. It's great. It seems to stimulate my mind to act on what is coming from my heart. I love it."

- Ruth Applebaugh - Topeka, Kansas

"Clear Mind is the key that unlocked for me the door to a
life of peacefulness and clarity."

"I have searched for years to find a way to maintain peacefulness at the center of my being. I have studied East Indian meditative practices for years; several Chinese meditative techniques and attended most of the personal growth seminars that promise the on-command ability to become peaceful and, most importantly, maintain a calm and relaxed state of being during times of chaos and stress.

Needless to say, the promise was never fulfilled until... Paul's Clear Mind arrived! After only a few listening to the it, I felt much more peaceful. 

Now only a little more than a month later, I am able to attain a spiritual, inner state of Oneness and in-the-moment clarity that has greatly benefited not only myself, but those around me. For example, a close friend of mine is going through an extremely difficult time in her life. She told me that because of the inner calm and peacefulness that I have been projecting over the last several weeks and the clear thinking suggestions that I have made to her, she has been able to survive this family crisis and even look at positive possibilities for the future. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to improve their state of being. Thank you, Paul, for this amazing tool!" 

- Dan Rensland, Paris, Texas