"You’re About To Discover The Single Most
Powerful Method of Manifesting What
You Want In Your Life..."

(with less effort than you've ever imagined possible)

"I'll show you how you can manifest money, love, radiant health and live with a deep sense of inner peace and lasting abundance"

Paul Bauer 

Here's your chance to experience how to move beyond your mind and manifest your deepest passions - in one simple (but powerful) course

From: Paul Bauer, Author of Clear-Mind, The Secret Code of Abundance, Dream-Minder and many other programs

Dear Friend,

I'm about to share something with you that will transform how you look at money, finances, and abundance for the rest of your life. I'm not going to teach you how to "get more" or "attract more". That's the old paradigm. It's broken - and it's outdated. What I'm about to share with you will free you in ways that most people can't even imagine. If you're ready for a new way to live your life - free of struggle and heartache, read on...

 The "Old Way" of Manifesting...

Since we were children, we've been taught that we're separate from what we want. Many of us we're taught that we have to "earn our way", struggle and "work hard" to get ahead.

But these beliefs weren't all taught to us directly, most went way below our "normal radar".
Most of these beliefs were formed because of what we experienced and felt. We watched Mom and Dad, the media, our school systems, churches and even our friends as we sat silently just taking it all in...

It's like we were programmed to suffer without even knowing it.

This "programming" created a false premise that we need "things" (money, possessions, status, recognition, etc) in order to feel comfortable, loved and secure...

Since no one ever questions this false premise, it becomes a belief. Not an ordinary belief - a deeply ingrained belief - way down at the unconscious level. What this belief causes is an incredible amount of suffering and struggle in our everyday lives.

It affects literally everything you do:

Your Career
Your Finances
Your Confidence and Esteem
Your Inner Peace

...And Even Your Health

In fact, most people suffer from what I call the "Not Enough" Effect for so long, the inner stress it creates becomes the root cause of the most common diseases we see today in our society.


Because this inner stress and feeling of separation wears away at the mind and body, and our life force gradually fades until it's too late. Or, until something wakes us from the "trance of scarcity".

 The "New Way" of Manifesting

But what if there was a simpler way...?

... a much simpler way to create what you want in your life - and be free of the worries about money, and the anxiety of how you're going to move forward in your life?

A way that makes the old model of suffering and struggling to "get ahead" obsolete.

Some think it's not possible.

I'm here to share with you that its not only possible - I'll prove to you that it works in your own life. 

Imagine waking up each day with a feeling of inner peace, confidence and clarity that you have enough, that your bills are all paid and that you have time to yourself to do what you want to do when you want.

Some call it financial freedom -but it goes much further than just your finances...

What you'll learn in the Effortless Manifesting course is a way of being - a completely new way of thinking (and feeling) about money, work, creativity and how you look at life.

 The "Lightbulb Moment"

Back about 12 years ago, I was struggling to pay my mortgage and the bills kept stacking up. As I mentioned earlier, I racked up over $57,000 in debt (plus my mortgage) and I was leveraged "to the hilt". But one day, it hit me. A lightbulb went off - and what I learned in that moment changed everything in my life ever since.

Because of that one single shift of awareness, I prevented my house from being foreclosed and my company sales took off like a rocket. My income soared. But far more importantly, I felt better. My inner confidence and clarity increased in ways I couldn't have imagined. So I began to share this awareness with others and it's worked for them too. It worked so well that I want to share this breakthrough with you today...

What Drives You Nuts
About Manifesting?

Recently I did a survey of a group of my subscribers and asked them if they had ONE wish, what would it be...?

People wrote to me and said:

"My wish is to have lasting inner peace and to get rid of the negative voice in my head that judges everything!"

"I wish to move from anxiety, fear and constant worry to peace to make manifesting itself as normal as breathing and as easy as placing one's shoes on in the morning."

"To be financially free - and Financially Independent!"

"My wish is to tap into the power and abundance that I know is available in order to live out my purpose and give my unique gifts to the world." 

"If I could stop worry about where to put my money maybe everything else would be fine"

Ever feel this way yourself?

Don't you think it's about time we break free of this worn out "Money Matrix" of struggle and suffering? If you're willing to let go of the "old" model and you're ready to wake up tomorrow morning completely free of worry and doubt...

Here's a breakthrough that will ignite your dreams and passions beyond your imagination.

It's called the Effortless Manifesting Course and it will transform your entire life.

"Yea- sure!" you may be saying... "I've heard claims like this before..."

I don't blame you for being skeptical - I would be as well. Some of our best students started exactly the same way. I'll tell you more in just a second on how this course is different than anything you've ever tried.

So How Is Effortless 
Manifesting Different?

Almost all manifesting programs are designed around one false premise. And this false premise is what causes so much confusion and heartache for so many people. 

What's the false premise?

That you have to "attract" something in order to have it. (this false belief is based on an even deeper false premise - that you are separate from the very thing you want most.) This feeling (and belief in separation) has been handed down for centuries - unquestioned by the masses.

And the result...?

Even when people "attract" want they want, they end up wanting "more" and the cycle continues over and over again - wanting and getting, wanting and getting, etc.

>> Please Read the 3 paragraphs
above one more time

...and read the last 3 paragraphs again! Because that's the KEY!!!

Very few people ever stop and realize that it's really just a game - a trance that we've bought into that few ever escape from.

Another problem is that many are still unsatisfied even AFTER they get what they thought they wanted. Do you see the problem here? The ego mind can never be satisfied.

Most people don't even consider this - but this course isn't for the average person. It's for serious students who look deeper and know that there's "something fishy going on" with LOA and most manifesting methods.

In short - if you're ready to break free from the "pack mentality", Effortless Manifesting will be an awesome experience for you. One that will completely change the way you look at life and yourself.

So What About The Law Of Attraction?

If you're disappointed how the Law Of Attraction, affirmations, and other "manifesting tricks" to get results haven't worked for you - you're not alone...

Let's clarify something...

Manifesting is far easier than most people have been led to believe. And you're about to discover that for yourself - and start seeing results starting today.

When you see your income increase
When that new love comes into your life
When your health improves and you breathe easier
When you feel a sense of inner peace and confidence you only used to wish for

You see, you're good at Manifesting already - and I'll help you take your skills to a completely new level. When you receive my Effortless Manifesting Course, you'll be simply amazed at how simple getting results in your life becomes. In fact, at first, you may have to pinch yourself - because part of you may not completely believe how easy it really is.

In my new Effortless Manifesting Course, you'll discover why you don't need to use the Law Of Attraction or other "quick fixes" - because what you'll learn will give you a much deeper understanding of how your mind (and Heart) works.

And it works for anyone - anytime.

The Effortless Manifesting Course helps you break free of old worries about money and finances and gives you a renewed sense of connectedness, purpose and clarity.

This clarity lasts for the rest of your life - even when things don't always go the way you planned. (wait til you feel the difference this course makes for you - you will be tingling with excitement and the awe of life and the Present Moment.

A Quantum Leap in Manifesting

Here's some of what you'll learn in the new Effortless Manifesting Course:

  • How to manifest money, love, radiant health, inner confidence with ease - even if you've had little or no success with other methods before (and I'll show you how you can break the "trance of Not Enough" for good)

  • How to break free of the doubts, anxieties and fears about finances, money and security and create what you want with consistency

  • How to transform even your deepest pain into your greatest gift and free yourself from years of anxiety, guilt and regret (while you align with your life purpose)

  • How to transform feelings of anxiety and doubt into gratitude and inner peace. (even if you have the "Restless Mind" syndrome)

  • Why your subconscious controls over 95% of your results and behavior (and the secret method of tapping into it's incredible power)

  • The amazing secret of the Origin Thought™ and how it can help you attract even your wildest goals and intentions

  • The riveting truth why so few people get what they want and how you can avoid falling into the same trap

  • A foolproof way of banishing limiting beliefs, self doubt, and negative thoughts from your mind - in less than 3 minutes

  • A secret "Morning Exercise" that will transform your entire day (this one tip will amaze you in how to "wakes up" your inner manifesting power

  • The single biggest block that stops you from having what you want (and specifically what you can do about it)

  • The #1 cause of stress and anxiety (and how to eliminate both with a simple 1 minute exercise that even high school kids can learn)

  • How to have crystal-clear clarity and creativity that you can instantly apply in all areas of your life
  • Just Imagine...
    No More Worries - Only Results

    Imagine waking up tomorrow with a smile on your face and that peaceful feeling of knowing that your life is on track. No more worries. No anxieties...

    Only clarity, focus and inner peace. Even if your mind (or your past) tells you otherwise.

    Does that sound like something you'd like to have?

    That's what the Effortless Manifesting Course will give you (and even more...)

    If you had NO limitations, what would your perfect day be like?

    A closer look at the Effortless Manifesting Course

    "If you get even a tenth of the results that I got, you've
    got great value for your money ..." 

    "The greatest value for me was in the ability to clear blockages what Paul Bauer calls a "Prosperity Reversal". You know how sometimes you just don't get the results you want, even though you try& try & try. You know you want it. You know you deserve it. But somehow you always seem to miss out. Something always goes wrong. Well, you have a blockage. And Paul's program provides an incredible method for clearing those blockages within minutes. I was a little skeptical originally, but comforted by the money back guarantee, and the fact that Paul was easily contactable by email (and did reply VERY promptly to answer my query) This program has worked for me, and I believe it can work for anyone. I'm going to use it for life. Have a look at the website. And I'd love to hear what results you get. If you get even a tenth of the results that I got, you've got great value for your money." 

    - Lance Beggs, Brisbane Australia

    When you learn the powerful exercises in the Effortless Manifesting Course, a whole new sense of ease will come over you. You'll rapidly understand that what you want is available to you without strain or struggle. In fact, the best part of the Effortless Manifesting Course is it will help you discover (and remember) that what you want is here right now - even if your mind can't "see it" yet.

    Within just the first week of the course, you'll quickly discover a new sense of passion and focus and deep knowing that even your biggest goals or dreams are well within reach.

    Once you learn these powerful techniques, you'll have instant access to them - because they take just minutes a day to practice and you'll notice the incredible difference they make in your life.

    Here's where you'll begin to notice the shifts in your life that the Effortless Manifesting course will help you with:

  • In Your Relationships
  • Your Money & Finances
  • Your Physical & Mental Energy 
  • Increasing Your Vitality & Health
  • The Inner Confidence to Do What You Want In Your Life When You Want
  • Ok - let's wrap this up...
    When you own the Effortless Manifesting Course, here's what you'll receive...

    There are 4 Main Modules. All classes are available via MP3 and PDF formats.

    Module 1: The CORE Manifesting Process 

    This is the KEY - the "glue" that holds every part of the Effortless Manifesting course together. This breakthrough process is like nothing you've ever done before. Once you learn this CORE Manifesting Process, you'll be amazed at the real-world results you'll experience (and how fast they'll manifest for you). You'll also learn a simple Daily Ritual that will help create new empowering habits and clear out ones that no longer serve you.

    Module 2: How to Activate The Power of Your Imagination 

    This powerful module will teach you how to access the deeper untapped centers of creativity and problem-solving insight within you. Imagine how you can use these new insights to earn more, improve your love life and even heal your mind and body. This module teaches you how to tap into the power of your Higher Self and Subconscious mind and activate vast new frontiers of your inner power. 

    Module 3: How to Clear Any Block That Stands in Your Way

    Here's one of the real jewels of this course. In this module, you'll learn how to discover and clear literally anything that stops you from having and being what you want most. The process that you'll learn to do this is something I use everyday and EVERY person that I've taught it to has had incredible results (even when other clearing methods have failed) Once you've learned this simple process, nothing will drain your energy any longer - and anxieties, worries and doubts will simply melt away. 

    Module 4: How to Live from Your Higher Self with Clarity, Focus and Present Moment Awareness 

    This module "brings it all together". Imagine feeling connected, grounded and in the flow consistently throughout your day and noticing that the old things that used to "stress you out" now just bounce off of you like water off a duck's back. I'll show you how to live fully in the NOW like Eckart Tolle talks about and how to stay fully present - no matter how much stress or tricks your mind tries to play on you. When you master this incredible skill, your life will take on a level of deep inner peace and happiness that most people never even imagine. Special Bonus Module: I will also hold a special Q&A session that all members can attend to make sure you understand HOW to apply the principles you learn in each module.

    "My company's sales have grown over 100%
    - even in during the recession!"

    "I think you should know that business this year has doubled over last year. My company's sales have grown over 100% even in the recession!. I have learned so much in the last two years it is amazing." 

    ~Deb Marlor, Boise Idaho

    "My earnings have more than quadrupled..."

    "I have had an immense leap forward in my abundance area of work and life in general. My earnings have more than quadrupled and I am enjoying many exciting opportunities with my work and ability to help other people."

    ~ Paul Samuels, Brisbane Australia

    "Paul's System will be a breakthrough of
    epic proportions in your life"

    ""If you are serious about getting off the "treadmill" of life and want to create wealth in all aspects (material and spiritual), Paul's System will be a breakthrough of epic proportions in your life.  Paul's revolutionary System will help you eliminate any old blocks that have held you back in life and help you turn your "prosperity switch" back on to attract what you want most. My highest recommendation!"

    ~John Assaraf 
    New York Times and Wall Street Journal
    Bestselling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

    Special Bonus #1:
    An Amazing Energy Boosting
    And Mind-Clearing Exercise...

    You'll LOVE This Special Bonus:

    I'll teach you an amazingly powerful daily exercise that you can do that takes less than 5 minutes that opens your mind, stimulates your creativity and clears your neural pathways while it unlocks your brain's latent potential. Research shows that we spend over 70% of our day in what's known as the "Polarized Mind".

    This polarization causes us to see our lives filled with problems - rather than the whole, Integrated Mind (also known as the Awakened Mind). This polarization causes the "Not Enough" Effect to be activated and after you're caught up in it, nothing you do to "attract more" or use the Law Of Attraction will make you feel any better.

    This powerful exercise synchronizes your right and left brain and can help you solve even the biggest challenges you may have because it dramatically increase your:

  • Mental Energy
  • Physical Vitality
  • Creativity and flashes of insight
  • Clarity, focus and optimism 
  • Powerful problem solving ability
  • I'll personally teach you this amazing exercise. When your mind is clear and focused, you tap into levels of power, insight and creativity that most people are unaware of.

    But when you order Effortless Manifesting today, you'll receive this as a special bonus. 

    Special Bonus #2: An Ancient Hawaiian
    Healing And Clearing Exercise

    PLUS: I'll also teach you a secret Hawaiian Energy Clearing Method that will clear ANY problem in your life in a matter of minutes. This method has been handed down for centuries (this isn't Ho'o pono pono- but a much deeper process) but few people have ever discovered it.

    I've taught this process only to my advanced Mentoring clients and they have been amazed at the results they've experienced after they've used it.

    "This may be the best investment I have ever made."

    ""My income went up about 30% from using your principles. I work as a cab driver and track my numbers daily so I can tell the actual number. Also even though I would like to move myself toward something else with my life The awareness that it's just what I do, not who I am. Thank You... The sincerity and caring for all of us just radiated from you. This may be the best investment I have ever made."

    ~ Dan Bernier, Rocky River, OH

    Here's What You Get When You Order

    1. Four Full Effortless Manifesting Modules that help you create the flow of abundance and prosperity you long for. Each module is taught by Paul Bauer - founder of Dreams Alive. 

    2. The amazingly powerful "Core Manifesting Process" that helps you create results faster than any method you've ever tried. I'll step you through each part of this incredible manifesting process and you can experience for yourself the massive results it makes in your life. 

    3. Full MP3 Audios Of Each Class so you can listen on your PC, Phone, or tablet in the comfort of your home, office or while you travel 

    4. PDF Transcripts of each call so you can enjoy learning the course in both audio and printed format 

    5. PLUS - ALL the bonuses mentioned above!

    PLUS - You get our Full
    30 Day Guarantee
    If you don't experience greater calmness, inner peace and clarity with The Effortless Manifesting Course than any program you've ever used, simply return it for your full money back.

    Students who attend our Hawaii and Sedona Retreats pay over $2000.00 for the kind of results you'll get from using this course.

    People pay me over $250 an hour for Personal Sessions - but my schedule is normally booked solid - and I cant handle all the requests I receive.

    But because of he way Effortless Manifesting is designed, you receive the same benefits that these people have at a fraction of the price.

    While Effortless Manifesting could easily be priced at that same level of other programs, we decided to keep it much more affordable.

    So, Effortless Manifesting is a bargain at just $197.oo $97.00

    Two Options To Choose From

    CORe Level


    • 4 Modules of the Effortless Manifesting Course
    • Special Manifesting Audio Coaching Sessions
    • The Core Manifesting Process
    • The 2 Special Bonuses

    Paul Bauer - President Dreams Alive

    You have my personal promise that Effortless Manifesting ™ will be one of the most powerful programs you've ever used - or your money back. Why wait even one more day to tap your true manifesting power?

    Order your own personal copy of Effortless Manifesting™ by clicking here now

     Let's review what you'll get when you order now:

    1) 4 Powerful Manfesting Modules (PLUS Paul's special Bonus audio)

    2) The powerful Core Manifesting Process

    3) Pre-Study Sheets for each module

    4) PLUS- 2 Bonus Group Audio Coaching Sessions (worth over 197.00)

    PLUS  - All the special bonuses!

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