How to Move Through Difficult Times
With Paul Bauer

Part 2

Here's some of what you'll learn in this Webinar:

  • Why pure Essential Oils hold their healing energy (many years after store bought oils lose theirs (2:00 min)

  • The power of PSM (and how it can clear literally any mental, emotional stress in just minutes)

  • The power of cellular memory (and why it’s the real cause of most challenges you face)

  • How to make your emotional brain your friend (instead of your enemy)
  • A story of a woman shifted her energy (in just minutes) with one simple Essential Oil

  • The Power of PSM and Emotions
  • How to turn OFF the “fight or flight” (stress response) with one simple step (20 Min)

  • An ancient Chinese elixir that thousands use to increase their energy and longevity