Personal Transformation Sessions
With Paul Bauer

Dear Friend,

With the busy-ness of todays world - especially with the speed of change and technology, do you ever wish you had your own "quiet place" that you could escape to and unwind? In other words, a place that you could count on where you could find peace and relaxation to "take the edge off". A place where problems dissolve almost effortlessly. A place that renews your energy and revitalizes your mind and body.

Here's some good news...

That "place" exists.

And it's not outside you...

It exists in a place that few people ever discover, but when you know how to access this place, you're life will expand in ways beyond your imagination. Because in this place, you will find your center, who you really are.javascript:void(0)

This place is within you - and it's far easier to access than most people ever discover. 

Uncovering the "The Grand Illusion"

A funny thing happened on the way to being who you are. Something stepped in and pretended that it was in charge. It took control of your thoughts, your emotions, and even your decisions and behaviors. It's a part of you that is invisible and very difficult to detect. And it does not always act in your best interest.

Quite literally, this part of you thinks it's you. It takes over your mind and acts like the CEO of "You, Inc" without ever asking for your input. Before you know it, it affects every part of your life:

Your Finances
Your Love life 
Your Energy and Health
Your Relationships
How You Feel

But when you step back and begin to notice, you begin to get a "perception into the deception". Remember in the Wizard of Oz when Toto pulls back the curtain and exposes the man pulling all the levers and ropes to make the "Powerful Oz" look so "powerful"?

Dorothy and all her friends know the truth - Suddenly the "illusion" is no longer real.

The illusion loses its power when you see it for what it truly is.

The Real Culprit

Once you discover the illusion (that the mind thinks it's in charge of your life) - you've found the real culprit. It's the Ego. Until it's discovered, it will run your life un-consciously in ways beyond your normal awareness.

The ego will tell you things that will twist you in knots. It will filter reality and only give you a "version" of what life really is. It thinks its protecting you, but the truth is thats its holding you back form your True Self.

Let's dig a little deeper now and go under the surface of the ego mind...

Here's How PTS Sessions Are Unique 

Instead of just focusing on motivation and mind level techniques, I’ll help you uncover the subconscious patterns and beliefs been having hold you back. 

  • Dissolve
  • Activate
  • Harness
  • Transform even your biggest obstacles into breakthroughs 

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