The Blessing of “Not Enough"
By Paul Bauer

We’ve all had times in our lives when we've said to ourselves “there’s not enough".

Maybe it happened in your finances, your relationships, or in terms of enough energy. For some, it might include love (both self love and the love from another).

Wherever it shows up, the feeling of “not enough” has been sewn into the very fabric of our culture.

Since we have been children, we’ve been taught a belief system based on getting ahead and having "plenty" (money, power, love, possessions, etc.).

But have you ever stopped and asked yourself, how much is enough? In other words beyond the “pie in the sky ideal”?

Whatever you feel you don’t have enough of, will having more of it actually bring you any more fulfillment?

Another way to ask the same question is how do you define the word “enough"?

(Let's pause for a moment and really tune in to that question)

Whenever we have struggles with “enough”, whether that be in your finances, your relationships or how you feel, the struggle is really a gift.

It’s a wake up call to pay attention to how you’re feeling. (And what you might be attached to or longing for that you *think* is going to bring you more fulfillment).

The blessing of not having enough is that It shines a light on feelings within you of doubt, uncertainty, and disconnection. And those feelings have trapped energy that would simply astound you. 

Sometimes the problem in getting what we want is that it delays the real growth that we could have if we sat with our feelings long enough to address what's really
happening with us.

In other words, maybe getting “more” actually covers up the pain of "not having". And unless we deal with that pain on the inside, it will resurface over and over and create situations in our lives until we finally acknowledge it and accept it.

In essence, any pain that you feel your life is really a gift unexpressed. (And that’s the hardest message to understand when we are in the middle of it!)

As you train your mind and free your emotions, you will begin a process of transformation that will simply amaze you.

I know this for myself because I’ve almost gone bankrupt twice, and every major setback in my life has turned into a major wake up call that got me to pay attention to something
far more valuable than money or possessions could ever give me.

That gift is waiting within all of us to be rediscovered, experienced, and shared with others.

Stay tuned for my next message on re-discovering your true abundance.

Until then,

Blessings of abundance to you,

Paul Bauer

How have you noticed this issue in your life?