Manifest Your Life's Dreams And Passions
With Unstoppable Clarity, Focus And Certainty... 

...and Eliminate The Hidden Fears That Hold You Back

  • Are you confused by the many different manifesting methods you've learned, or do you get only a fraction of the goals you set and visualize?

  • Do you sometimes wonder if you really deserve to get what you want or do you have a conflict of whether its "wrong" to have material wealth and still be true to your spirituality?

  • Are you ever disappointed that no matter how hard you try, you still can't seem to create the results you want in your career, relationships or your health?
  • Well, here's good news...

    There's a specific reason why- and I'll show you what it is. Once you know the reason, it's easy to apply  my proven system to overcome them and get the results you want. Guaranteed.

    Let me explain...

    The Secrets Of Manifesting Learning System

    The single most powerful course on manifesting what you want in life...

    A Breakthrough (Quantum Leap) Home Study Course that you can enjoy
    in the comfort of your own home

    "I stand in total amazement at the difference it has made."

    This course has made such a substantial difference it's hard for me to express what a change it has made for me. I have discovered beliefs that have held me back my entire life. I was certain with every fiber of my being that I was to learn through Paul and his course and I can't express my gratitude enough for what he has given me. All of a sudden my business took off after starting the course. I stand in total amazement at the difference it has made.

    I would highly recommend this course to anyone, especially someone who feels they've taken them all but still find themselves searching. The specific results that I attribute to attending this Course are: Increased business, enhanced personal relationship with my husband, an unbelievable sense of quiet and calm inside where I have always felt an extreme nervousness ever since I can remember. If you're ready to have a full understanding of how you can get closer to the "real" and "authentic"you. "This is the place".

    ~ Connie Jackson, Duffield, Alberta Canada

    Dear friend and fellow seeker,

    I'd like to ask you a question...

    What do you want most in life...?

    Really take the time and ask yourself this question...

    And imagine that you could attain the wildest, most improbable outcomes in your life... What would they be...?

    And how would you actually feel if you already had them?

    Let's try an interesting experiment. Close your eyes right now and allow yourself to fully imagine what it would really feel like if you already had everything that you wanted...

    Go ahead... Take 5 minutes now and do this - it will amaze you (if you allow it to...) (If part of you doesn't believe that this simple exercise is worth doing, you may need to take a serious look at why - and it may reveal a clue of what's been holding you back from realizing your most important goals and intentions.)

    After you've done the above exercise - now ask yourself - "What's the single biggest reason I don't get what I want...?

     You have the desire... You know what you want...
    but something seems to stop you...

    If there's something you've wanted, but you suspect that there's a "hidden block" that's been stopping you from having it, this course will be an answer to your prayers. Especially if you've tried other programs and for whatever reason, you haven't achieved the results you wanted.

    No matter how many times you've strived and failed - even if you don't think that creating what you want is possible, I personally guarantee this course will help you break free of the old patterns that have been holding you back so you can have what you want and experience the results in your life.

     "The Myth Of Self Sabotage"

    Here are the basics: If you're not enjoying what you want in your life, there are blocks that are hidden in your subconscious that are holding you back. We're not aware of these blocks - that's why they continue to block our progress (like a ball and chain) and sabotage even our best intentions.

    But the phrase "self sabotage" isn't quite accurate. You don't wake up in the morning thinking to yourself, "Gee, let's see how bad a day I can have today".

    Let's look closely at the meaning of the word sabotage.

    sab·o·tage - a: an act or process tending to hamper or hurt 
    b: deliberate subversion

    I don't know about you, but I don't know anyone who wakes up wanting their day to go badly. What's really at work then are un-conscious limiting beliefs that makes it feel like you have one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brakes.

    In my 20+ years of helping people realize their passions and purpose, I've noticed one constant theme... 

    We're simply not aware of what holds us back from reaching our genius and our greatest gifts. If we were, we would do something about it - right?

    Once you discover, and clear what holds you back - manifesting what you want in life will be as easy as breathing. I created The Secrets of Manifesting Course to help you discover your inner power and learn how to manifest your deepest and most passionate life's dreams, goals and intentions.

    A powerful Home Study Course to help you create
    your passions and goals with unstoppable
    clarity, focus and certainty

    Simply stated, after you complete this course, you will experience crystal-clear clarity on what brings you passion and joy and how to attain it in your everyday life.

    "My earnings have more than quadrupled..."  

    I have had an immense leap forward in my abundance area of work and life in general. My earnings have more than quadrupled and I am enjoying many exciting opportunities with my work and ability to help other people. ...Paul's guidance has been of singular and specific benefit to me in being able to work daily on my beliefs and aspirations with great effect. 

    - Paul Samuels, Brisbane Australia

    The Secrets of Manifesting" Course is unlike anything you have ever studied or tried before because it helps you get to the core of what blocks your progress - the hidden unconscious beliefs that create 90% of your reality.

    You've probably tried all kinds of "techniques" in the past to create and manifest what you want - and what results did you get?

    If you're like many others, what happens after you intend, set goals, affirm, visualize, etc. is you begin to realize that there's something beyond "consciously trying" to change things. In fact, the more you try to change them, the more they resist.

     Here's what makes this course unique...

    In my own life, I used to struggle with trying to fix the problems that showed up...

    Money Issues
    Relationship problems
    Lack of purpose
    Low self esteem and self confidence
    Health issues (even at age 25)

    But the more I struggled, the worse things got.

    Until one day I stumbled onto a unique process of uncovering what was holding me back. And since that day, my life has changed in ways that I previously didn't think was even possible.

    Since that fateful day back in 1995, I've evolved that process into what's called the "Limiting Belief Discovery Process" (LBDP). Through this breakthrough process, you'll uncover your biggest blocks and unconscious fears that hold you back from realizing your passions and your greatness.

    Once you've discovered the core beliefs that have been holding you back, you can easily clear them with a special clearing process that I've created called the "PMP Process" (more about that later).

    What Unknown Part of You Determines
    Over 90% Of Your Results?

    Fact: Modern research verifies that over 90% of our actions and results are determined by our subconscious mind.

    What this means is even though you may consciously set goals and focus on what you want, over 90% of the time, your subconscious patterns (things like hidden limiting beliefs) will override your goal.

    As you look at the image below, notice the portion of the iceberg that's above the water. This portion represents our conscious mind.

    When we rely on our conscious mind to make decisions, to create, to manifest, etc., at best, we're using no more than 5-10% of our available consciousness. When you notice the bottom part of the iceberg (below the water line), you'll see that there's a much more significant area - which represents the sub-conscious mind.

    90% of our actions and results are
    determined by our subconscious mind

    This is the area that people understand least, yet controls over 90% of our daily behavior. That's the single biggest reason that despite your efforts, despite how much you set goals, intend, affirm, visualize, etc, that the subconscious still makes over 90% of your daily decisions.

    "Your unconscious is making your
    everyday decisions"

    - U.S. News and World Report

    When presented with a new belief, goal, or intention, the subconscious will only allow what it feels "safe" - in other words, given a conflict between a new action, belief, or desire, and the old habits and beliefs, the subconscious will always choose the safest choice - I call it the "prime directive".

    Its sole purpose is to protect you - even if the old programming isn't in your best interests (and often the old programming is not in your best interest).

    That's why it's so hard to break a "bad" habit or create a "good" one - the subconscious literally "holds on" to old patterns because it likens the old patterns to what it interprets is safe.

    I struggled with this notion for years - especially during the "I think therefore I am" stage of reading motivational books, and related resources. But what I learned was no matter what my conscious mind thought it wanted, if my subconscious was in conflict with my desire, the subconscious always won. Let me say that again, when there's a conflict between your conscious desire and your sub-conscious programming, your subconscious programming will always win.

    How do you know this?

    How many times have you tried to create change in your life - and how many times have you actually achieved it?

    It generally doesn't work.

    The subconscious was designed to "filter out" whatever is not safe - in other words, you can try all day long to change, improve and "fix problems" in your life - but unless you speak the "language" of you subconscious - and truly align with it - it will not "budge". In fact, the harder you try to change, the more it will resist the very change you attempt.

    "The Secret Of The Subconscious"

    Here's The Real "Secret"...

    Even when you set your intent and focus on what you want and it still hasn't "shown up", your unconscious "filters" are preventing them from becoming real.

    Until you resolve these unconscious filters and limiting beliefs, no matter what technique you apply, you'll still continue to attract the same old results.

    In the "Secrets of Manifesting" Course, I'll help you discover and clear these limiting beliefs so you can live your life free of the daily burdens that you've struggles with in the past. 

    "If you get even a tenth of the results that I got, you've
    got great value for your money ..." 

    "The greatest value for me was in the ability to clear blockages what Paul Bauer calls a "Prosperity Reversal". You know how sometimes you just don't get the results you want, even though you try& try & try. You know you want it. You know you deserve it. But somehow you always seem to miss out. Something always goes wrong. Well, you have a blockage. And Paul's program provides an incredible method for clearing those blockages within minutes. I was a little skeptical originally, but comforted by the money back guarantee, and the fact that Paul was easily contactable by email (and did reply VERY promptly to answer my query) This program has worked for me, and I believe it can work for anyone. I'm going to use it for life. Have a look at the website. And I'd love to hear what results you get. If you get even a tenth of the results that I got, you've got great value for your money." 

    - Lance Beggs, Brisbane Australia

    "Your class is the most important class I've ever taken."

     Your class is the most important class I've ever taken. Yes, I did a variant of the Silva method, and Avatar, and many others, and I learned a lot from all of them, and they are all useful. However, you explain this even more simply than what I got in my Huna training... The immediate result of your course is that I feel a peace that is truly deep - the peace of knowing that there is enough for everyone, that the Universe is a friendly place, and that when I am centered, there is no reason to worry. That alone was worth the price of the course. Your course deals with intentions, belief systems, and manifestation, and is thus very high order. I busted through some blocks recently. However, I took it because I have heard your calls before, and figured you wouldn't do something like this unless you were doing it right. I like the Silva method, and Avatar, and Huna, and all the other stuff I've studied.  Somehow I didn't "get it" all the way. Maybe that's just me, maybe it was my time to "get it" when I was listening to your course. I found that getting rid of secondary intentions was greatly sped up by what I learned from your course.  

    ~ Michael P., Granby, CT

    Here's What You'll Experience In
    Each Part Of The Course

    Modules 1 and 2

    Awakening Your Mind

    In Modules 1 and 2 we begin to build a foundation together of how the "mind" works and how it can actually hold you back from achieving what you want most. Once you learn these basics, you'll be able to understand and apply the principles of the rest of the course. In Module 1, you'll also learn about Clear-Mind™ - my new audio meditation program that people are raving about. (more about Clear-Mind™ below)

    Like building for a house, the first two modules of the course will lay the strong foundation that allows your breakthroughs with the rest of the course to happen with ease.

    Within the first 60 minutes, you'll begin to discover incredible insights into how your mind has been holding you back and exactly what to do about it. 

    Modules 3 and 4

    Clearing What Holds You Back

    In modules 3-4 of the "Secrets of Manifesting" Course, you'll learn about what's beyond the "Law of Attraction" that's far more powerful. When you discover this amazing power that lies dormant in many of us, you'll tingle with delight and feel a burst of energy that lasts well after you listen to these powerful modules.

    I also personally guide you through the process of identifying and clearing the limiting beliefs (that are anchored deep in your subconscious) that have held you back.

    In what seems like the blink of an eye, you'll wake up each day feeling revitalized, with clarity, focus and passion. When you learn and apply the secrets I'll teach you, you won't wonder how to manifest what you want, you'll know exactly what you need to do to bring your dreams, intentions and goals into reality.

    Module 5

    Beyond Your Unconscious Filters

    In Module #5, you'll learn how to move beyond your "Unconscious Filters", in other words, the hidden beliefs and programs that hold you back. Once you know how to detect these virtually unknown parts of you, you'll smile with a feeling of sheer wonder and feel lighter than you have in years.

    Each day, you'll wake up with a renewed sense of energy, focus and optimism. Your friends and loved ones will wonder "What have you been doing differently?" And you'll rest easy each night, knowing that you've broken free of the old problems that you used to think defined who you were.

    Module 6

    Tapping Your "Heart Consciousness"

    In Module #6, you'll learn how to tap into the far wiser part of you - your Heart's wisdom. As my partner Susan Castle states "You're Heart will never, ever fail you".  

    Susan will teach you her new Mind-Heart Integration Technique™ - in which you'll learn how to access the power of your Heart's intuitive wisdom and manifesting power.

    When you manifest from your Heart, your intentions are grounded, clear and in the present. (The ego-mind on the other hand can get easily confused.) The Mind-Heart Integration Technique™ will help you feel (not just think) the deep sense of "getting it" - rather than struggling to understand (and apply) all that you'll be learning in this amazing course. 

    Many of our course graduates tell us that this process was the their favorite part of the whole course. They feel this is the missing piece that they've been missing in all their attempts at manifesting.

    Instead of working from a "Polarized Mind", when you experience the Mind-Heart Integration Technique, you'll look at life with new eyes and experience more clarity, focus and passion - because the Mind-Heart Integration Technique helps you be centered and connected to your true self - not your ego-mind.

    Modules 7-8

    The "Manafesting" Process

    In Modules 7 & 8, you'll learn Paul's powerful new "Manafesting" Process. Students who have taken the course tell me this is one of the most powerful and fun parts of the entire course. After you learn this amazingly simple and effective process, your goals and intentions show up with ease - and more importantly - you'll feel better in the process.

    The key to creating what you want lies deep within you and I help you uncover your inner magic and genius through the "Manafesting" Process".

    In just 7 minutes a day, you'll master this incredible process that helps you clear problems and energize your passions and intentions. This simple exercise will catapult even your most impossible dreams and passions into reality.

    Module 9

    Bonus Review Audio Training of the Main Processes in the course

    In Module # 9, you'll be able to review the the core processes of the course - all in one place. No matter what situation you're in, this module will help you break through any issue or challenge you might encounter. And as you master these powerful processes, you'll breathe a sigh of relief and feel a deep sense of connectedness.

    "All I can say is "WOW" about the Mind-Heart 
    integration exercise."

    Hello Paul, I wanted to let you know that I have just listened to Susan's mind-heart integration exercise from the Class 3. I am filled with gratitude that you've put on this series of classes and that I decided to sign up. All I can say is "WOW" about the mind-heart integration exercise. I have absolutely enjoyed every bit of this course so far and I really connected with this particular exercise. ... this technique is the most impactful that I have ever encountered. Again, thank you so much for sharing these techniques, your wisdom and your time and please give Susan a big hug for me! Thank you,

    - ~ Laura Whitelaw, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

    "All I can say is "WOW" about the Mind-Heart 
    integration exercise."

    "I have taken part in other workshops and your material is so much deeper and coming from a much more profound understanding of how the universe works." "Dear Paul, I just wanted to let you know how excited I am about the material you are sharing and teaching. I have taken part in other workshops and your material is so much deeper and coming from a much more profound understanding of how the universe works." Thank you, 

    ~Robin Kaye, Japan

    Here's some of what you'll learn in this powerful course:

    • A simple 3 minute exercise that you can do anywhere, anytime that eliminates doubts, fears and uncertainty and shifts your vibrational energy from low to high
    • How to overcome "The Not Enough Effect" and stop its life-draining effect on your career, relationships and your health
    • How focusing on "only on results" causes suffering and heartache (and what to do instead) How the energy of gratitude can be scientifically proven and how to harness its power to create astounding results
    • Why most manifesting methods fail - and a method that works 100% of the time
    • The 3 biggest causes of financial self sabotage (these easily avoidable pitfalls will surprise you)
    • How to eliminate "scarcity mentality" and turn on your "prosperity circuits" and how to prevent energy reversals that compromise your results
    • What to do if the Law of Attraction "isn't working" for you (in almost every case, there's a hidden reason why and when you discover it, it will simply amaze you
    • The proven way (and the wrong way) to create your manifestations - (knowing this single concept will save you days and months of struggle)
    • The two ways of using the Power of Intention - and why one of them always short circuits what you want
    • How to let go of "social hypnosis" of "wanting", consumerism and "external" effects
    • Are you really ready to have all you want? - or just part of it?
    • How to distinguish "Essence" from "form" and how getting caught up in the world of "form" causes stress and cancels your best intentions 

    • How to let go of the attachment to results, and live freely
    • How to escape from the trap of "cause and effect" (waiting for things to show up to feel better and be happy)
    • Why "wanting" and "needing" actually repels what you want - and the specific thing that you can do to align your core energy with what you want and allow it to manifest What is the "DLW" and how can it help you get everything you want in life?
    • Why your feelings are far more powerful than your thoughts - and how to tap into the power of your feelings to create the results you want

    "Clear-Mind is like gold to me."

    Clear-Mind is like gold to me. The first time I ever used it, I was able to sleep the entire night (I've had insomnia for years). I haven't felt this good in along time! - Belita Swan, Ottawa Ontario

    ~ Marlo Brewitz, St. Paul, MN 

     Just look at everything you get...

    9 Full Modules of Course Material 
    (value $249.00)

    You can listen to each lesson in the comfort of your home, office, car or while you relax (you can even learn while workout). Each Module is specially designed so you can tap into your inner strengths and manifesting skills

    Manifesting Secrets Weekly Study Sheets (value $49.00)

    Available immediately before and after each session, you'll receive special "Study Sheets" that will guide you through step-by-step in manifesting exercises, clearing exercises and a powerful exercise that you use every evening before you go to sleep that will create amazing results in your everyday life.

    Special Bonus: Manifesting Secrets Audio Coaching Sessions (value $297.00) 

    Available immediately when you order, each Audio Coaching Session will allow you to review each lesson step-by-step (with high resolution audio). Even if you miss a class, these audio coaching sessions are available to you 24 hours a day, so you can access them anytime, anywhere.

    Special Bonus - Clear-Mind™ Meditation program (worth 149.00)

     Clear-Mind helps you clear  the "restless mind" syndrome. (with special training on how to use the program to clear blocks and advance your manifesting skills)

    How do I order?

    All together, the "Secrets of Manifesting" course is worth well over $540.00, but you can get it now for only $197.00.

    Click here to reserve your copy. If you really want to take advantage of what this E-course can do for you... order now. The only thing you're risking is having the future of your dreams. Remember, it's got a full 30 day guarantee.

    PLUS - You get our 
    30 Day Guarantee
    If you don't experience greater calmness, inner peace and clarity with The Secrets of Manifesting Course than any program you've ever used, simply return it for your full money back.

    If you want to make significant, long lasting, serious changes and if you really want to enjoy the kind of peace and prosperity in all parts of your life that others seem to achieve so easily, the "Secrets of Manifesting" course will get you there - and it's guaranteed.

    Every day you wait is another day you won't be enjoying the benefits of this life-changing course. When you order now, you'll receive the full "Secrets of Manifesting" Course, all the materials, the daily exercises and the interactive personal guidance that will give you the skills you need to create what you want (with far less effort than you've ever thought possible)

    "If you are serious about getting off the "treadmill" of life and want to create wealth in all aspects (material and spiritual), Paul's System will be a breakthrough of epic proportions in your life.

    Paul's revolutionary System will help you eliminate any old blocks that have held you back in life and help you turn your "prosperity switch" back on to attract what you want most. My highest recommendation!

    John Assaraf
    New York Times and Wall Street Journal
    Bestselling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

    Save over $200 when you order today!

    If purchased separately, Clear-Mind™ costs 97.00 and the "Secrets of Manifesting" course is Normally 297.00 - but when you order today the Course is Only $197.00.

    Two Options To Choose From

    CORe Level


    • 9 Full Modules of the Secrets of Manifesting Course
    • Special Manifesting Audio Coaching Sessions
    • Special Clear-Mind Bonus

    I look forward to hearing about the breakthroughs you achieve with Clear-Mind™.

    Order your own personal copy of Clear-Mind™ today.

    Paul Bauer - President Dreams Alive

    You have my personal promise that The Secrets of Manifesting ™ will be one of the most powerful programs you've ever used - or your money back. Why wait even one more day to tap your true manifesting power?

    Order your own personal copy of Secrets of Manifesting™ by clicking here now

     Let's review what you'll get when you order now:

    1) 9 Powerful Manfesting Modules (PLUS Paul's special Bonus audio)
    2) PLUS- 2 Bonus Group Audio Coaching Sessions (worth over 197.00)
    3) Pre-Study Sheets for each module
    4) Paul's new Clear-Mind Meditation Program (worth 149.00)

    And...(with free LIVE bonus training Session) on how use Clear-Mind™ to clear the "Restless Mind".

    " amazing way of stimulating ideas for me
    and bringing clarity to issues"

    "My experience with Clear Mind is that it has an amazing way of stimulating ideas for me and bringing clarity to issues that I am struggling with. I sit with my journal while I listen to it and just write what comes. It's great. It seems to stimulate my mind to act on what is coming from my heart. I love it."

    - Ruth Applebaugh - Topeka, Kansas

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