How To Awaken Your Mind And Tap Into
the Limitless Powers Within You

Dear Friend, 

Imagine for a moment that you're going through your day and you feel that familiar feeling...

That feeling that "something's not quite right". The stress has begun to settle in. Your body feels a bit tense.  Your mind isn't as sharp as you'd like. In some cases, the stress "takes over" like it has a mind of its own.

Now, imagine instead...

You take a deep breath, and you begin to feel a shift. A shift from stress to inner peace in a matter of seconds.

Imagine how that would affect your life...

I invite you to consider that all of us have that power within us in any moment.

Whether we choose to remember it is the key question.

From Stress to Serenity

As you read more below, you'll learn about the powerful new Serenity Program - and how it can help you prepare for the incredible shifts on their way. Because we're on the verge of one of the greatest shifts in human culture. 

If you're ready, you're about to embark on one of the most powerful journeys of your life!

What's A "Mind Virus"?

In essence, a mind virus an infectious piece of our culture that spreads rapidly throughout the population, altering people's thoughts and lives in their wake.

Some examples of mind viruses are the Pokemon game, the Branch Davidian cult, and like a computer virus, they can program us to think and behave destructively for and against our normal will. Other hidden mind viruses that we encounter almost every day include subtle things like text messages that you might receive.

And a surprising fact is that your thoughts are not always your own original ideas because we often catch thoughts and energy from other people and other "thought viruses". In other words, those energies that go through other folks and other groups of people, they tend to affect us.

“If you're willing to set aside your current way of seeing and 

thinking, then you'll have access to a whole new world”

When you discover how we get programmed, you begin to release the old memes and mind viruses that no longer serve you, you mind is free and you experience the present moment.

And when you feel that way and when you are connected at that level, everything in your life begins to change. Because once you're in that centered place, that place of peace within yourself, you are in flow and you can be part of a creation of a new empowering society.

The Erosion of Our Awareness 

At first it's small interruptions. You don't even notice them. Like the frog in the pot of water, as you begin to slowly turn up the volume of heat, it doesn't notice it because it's very subtle.

But over time, the "mind viruses" begins to change our thoughts and our emotions because they sit there in the back of our minds. And they begin to add more pressure and more stress as the days go on. There's a term that's called Akrasia - what it really means is the weakness of the will. It explains why we "lose steam" as the stress of the day takes it toll.

"The Faulty GPS"

Our own "GPS " (Personal Guidance System) becomes faulty over time because we allow our attention to be deceived, to be taken way by these things that we call technology and texts and social media, etc.

Our attention veers off center, so we're not even feeling like ourselves anymore. You wonder why, “I was just feeling good when I got up this morning”.  But something happens along the way. You get text messages, social media posts, emails, and you hit a point of overwhelm.  

Even before noon, we're just not feeling ourselves and Akrasia (weakening of the will) has begun to set in. The energy that was originally there as you woke up begins to diminish slowly but surely and the virus, unfortunately, becomes the guide.

A Major Wake Up Call

So let's talk about how we get programmed. It happens in our families, our schools, any form of media, but also social media, because that's where mind viruses really begin to catch hold. And a lot of those mind viruses are based on survival and fear. The result?

We feel frustration, intention, and overwhelm.

Now let's discuss the power of memes which are like mind viruses, but they're much deeper. 

The Power Of Memes

A meme is a belief or an experience held by large groups of people. Examples are fashions, stories and phrases that our sewn through our popular culture (often not questioned whether they're true or not.) 

“A meme is a belief or an experience held
by large groups of people” 

They pass around these groups of people. So a simpler definition is a unit of information in a mind whose existence influences events such that more copies of itself get created in other minds. That's the essence. That's the most basic description of what a meme is. It gets passed around from person to person.

Memes are to a human's behavior what our genes are to our bodies, internal representations of knowledge that result in outward effects of the world. Some examples are terms like LOL, the smiley face :-) emojis, Facebook, Google, iPhones. There's also Siri, Alexa, "fake news" (that's become a meme unto itself. )

What if...?

Now here comes some of the good news. What if there was a simple way to become clear and present to disinfect the mind? 

What if you could detect what it is that holds you back or that's been taking away your awareness, your consciousness and your focus and be able to literally "disinfect" those mind viruses and those memes that don't serve you any longer.

And then what if you could strengthen your awareness by having those old mind viruses removed - those old beliefs, those old programs, even when distractions occur?

Harnessing The Power of Stress

In other words, using those distractions to fuel you to come back into the present moment. This is where it gets amazingly powerful because you know what it's like to be stressed. You know what it's like to be off center. You know what it's like to not feel connected on the inside.

But what if everything that distracts you, or pulls you away from your center can be used to  actually strengthen you and bring you closer to your purpose and your center?

What kind of breakthrough would that be for you?

Once you begin to notice and just tune into how you feel - an inflection point begins to occur. And that inflection point is the beginning of the new paradigm for you individually, but us as a society as well because the more of us that do this, there's a tipping point that is reached.

That's when the news no longer controls your opinions. That's when negative events, feelings or thoughts, no matter where they come from inside or outside, no longer control how you feel, how you act or how you behave. This begins to be the turning point, the inflection point for the rest of your life. So they show up in new ideas that come from you. You'll be meditating, in the morning. 

Let's say you've tried meditation. And maybe it didn't work. As you discover the New Paradigm (within you), you can discover new ideas out of thin air or due to the old challenges that used to pull away from your center that now drive you to those new ideas and new breakthroughs. New leaders will come from this and you might be one of them. 

In fact right now, within you is a leader that you may not even realize. When you awaken that deep core knowing within you, other people are going to notice and they're going to feel it. They may say, ”What are you doing differently? There's something amazing going on within you!” 

The "New Meme" of Awareness

The new meme of awareness is connection from within yourself, within all of us. And when you feel it it you feel a centered presence. You feel connected in ways maybe you haven't felt in years. It's remembering who you are. It's connecting to your True Self

It's deeper than just a normal meditation because now your observer self begins to be the driver in your life rather than the default programming of your subconscious, of your past, the old memes and the old mind viruses. 

The Real Truth of Negative Emotions

Over 15 years ago, I had a "spiritual wake up call" that changed the very core of how I thought.  It was just one simple sentence and it read:

"Behind every negative emotion or negative experience in our lives, there is a positive intent."

And when I read that, it was almost like it was the perfect moment for me to hear. Because all the guilt,  resentment and blame that I felt for all the challenges in my life, literally were lifted from my shoulders. And I thought, "Wow, if that's true, that every negative feeling or experience in my life has a positive intent, then I'm free."

And so are you!

The past no longer dictates who you are and what you are capable of creating and experiencing.

And what if you knew that to be true for yourself? What if everything in your life that pulled you away from your center had positive intent behind it? Because now you've become aware of it. Now you seek that truth within yourself.

Now you begin to find why you created the negative event or allowed a negative thought or meme or mind virus into your life. And you begin to have that kind of awareness. You begin to have what Vernon Howard called, a perception into the deception” - the deception into what goes on in the inside of you. Now you realize that you are the driver of your life, not the victim of it. 

The Paradigm Shift

Our culture worships the mind and the Heart gets pushed back in the backseat (sometimes in the trunk). And quite often it just becomes silenced. And there is the true cause of all the frustration in our lives. We don't hear our own Heart's wisdom, but the paradigm shift is all about you beginning to be enlightened by your Heart. 

Many think that by paying attention to their Heart's wisdom and energy is just "new age fluff" but the opposite is true. The more in touch you are with your Heart, the stronger you become - and the more balanced and integrated you feel.

As you expand your Heart's awareness (and let go of the mind needing to be in charge), your life will expand and grow in ways that will astound you.

Which of these benefits will Serenity help you most?

  • Learn how to see any negative situation as an opportunity for your growth and development
  • How to transform even your biggest "mistakes" into dramatic shifts in your career, love life, health and your inner confidence
  • Understand that every obstacle has a gift hidden within it for you to learn from and harness its power to create magical results!
  • Develop a new way of seeing even the most challenging problems or setbacks as incredible learning experiences to grow and move forward (instead of feeling fear and avoiding them)
  • How to actually prevent obstacles from occurring in your life (using a powerful new method that helps you see "negative" occurrences in a whole new way)
  • How to observe negative world events, bad news and other stressful life challenges and be part of the Serenity groups around the world and clear them from the collective consciousness
  • How to discover the stories you tell yourself and how they either hold you back or move you forward in life
  • How to master the power of perception - a master skill that gives you clarity and propels your results like nothing else you’ve ever experienced.  

It All Begins With Serenity

When you use Serenity, within just minutes, you'll begin to feel the stress of your day begin to melt away. And with daily use, you'll be able to remain calm - even when stressful thoughts or events occur.

This daily practice with Serenity does three important things for you...

1) It dramatically lowers your overall stress levels and decreases your blood pressure - the number one cause of heart disease and ill health.

2) It opens up your creativity and feeling of aliveness and passion

3) It gives you a profound sense of connectedness and clarity

As you practice Serenity daily, you'll begin to experience what's called "Serenity states". In other words, even when stress or doubt begin to appear, you'll experience a deep feeling of centeredness and inner peace.

"The Serenity Effect"

A vision came to me about 10 years ago when we were in Sedona. We were doing a group experience there for one of our retreat groups and we were doing Chi Gong and something appeared to me.

That vision changed me in ways I could not have imagined at the time. And even though I had to overcome enormous setbacks since then (the death of my partner, the crash of my business, and near bankruptcy) what those setbacks taught me have transformed me and my entire life. 

And my mission is to share the gifts I have learned with humanity.

What Is Serenity?

The Serenity program is made up of modules that help you: 

1) Discover the Serenity process that helps you tune in and process these feelings is really meditation, which is just awesome. When you do it on a daily basis, you will feel such a refreshing feeling. You'll have a smile on your face again. You'll feel connected to yourself. Those viruses that used to float around, they won't find a home in you because they just bounce right off because you're so aware and you're so tuned in. 

2) You’ll also learn how to clear the negative emotions that we talked about before and you get to be so good at it that you can do it for your friends without calling yourself a therapist. You can just say, Hey, you know what? Come on over here just for a minute. Close your eyes for a minute. You want to try something? And that person frees themselves to the emotion that used to bother them. Who knows for how long because you help them find their own light. How inspiring, how purposeful is that? 

3) You’ll also learn how to create a Serenity Field. Imagine waking up in the morning and you are self-directed and you're already in a good state. And you've done the Serenity Meditation before you even got out of bed, you're feeling pretty good...

Then it gets even better...

I'll teach you how to create a "Serenity Field" in your home.  In other words, how to tap into and feel your own personal Heart Field and then expand it throughout your home. Each day you do this process your Serenity Field grows. The feeling and experience of creating your own Serenity Field is just amazing!

The Serenity Program Includes:

Module 1  - The Core of Serenity 
The origin of Serenity and how it can help you
The experience of Present Moment Awareness

Module 2 - The Power of Your Feelings
How do you feel?
? Living in the Present Moment at Zero Point

Module 3 - The Power of Emotions
The Heart/Mind - How to access and LIVE from your core

Module 4 - The Power of Emotions 
The true purpose of negative emotions
Transforming fear, anxiety and disappointment into clarity and focus
The power of polarities and Zero Point
?The power of integrating the negative polarity

Module 5 - 
The Serenity Effect
The Serenity Wave

Module 6
?The Serenity Process
?The Serenity Breath
Empathy and the power of listening w your Heart

Module 7
The amazing  power of a Serenity Field
How to create a Serenity Field (in your home or office)

Module 8
How to start your own Serenity Group

Module 9
Living in Serenity
How to observe negative world events and clear them from the collective consciousness

Special Bonus 1
The Serenity Transformation App

Includes access to all the Serenity Course Modules PLUS:
  * Easy access to Serenity when you're on the go
  * Connect to people around the world with like-minds
    and like-Hearts as they practice the Serenity Program
  *  Free Access to the Serenity Monthly Mentor Series
  *  Special Serenity Bonuses to calm the mind and clear
     negative energies and emotions

The Serenity App

Special Bonus 2
The Serenity Heart Process (MP3 Audio Meditation) - (worth $49)

Special New Bonus

NEW Bonus Manifesting From the Heart (worth $49)

When you access the Field of your Heart, old limitations and thoughts dissolve and you step into a whole new world of possibility and wonder. What you'll learn in this new bonus will transform how you think, feel and perceive.  What once seemed difficult or daunting becomes a new adventure of imagination and possibility.

As you experience the new shifts in your life, you'll realize just how much power your Heart actually has. You begin to create new "Neural Networks" in your brain that inspire your mind and body to manifest your intent - in alignment with your Essence.  What an incredible state of being to experience!

When  you combine this new bonus (and how it helps you raise your vibrational energy) with the Serenity Program, you step into a whole new world of inspired energy and abundance.

How to Order

Here's What You Get:

1) The Full Serenity Program with 8 life-changing modules (worth $197)
2) Free Access to the Serenity Monthly Mentor Series (worth $97)
3) The Serenity Transformation App - Simplifies your practice with the Serenity program (worth $97)
4) The Serenity Heart Process (worth $49)
5) Serenity Meditation (worth $49)
6) Serenity Morning (and Evening) Meditations (worth $49)

Plus Special Bonuses
The Serenity Heart Process (MP3 Audio Meditation) - (worth $49)
Manifesting From the Heart (worth $49)

Serenity Program

  • Serenity Course with 8 life-changing modules
  • Serenity Monthly Mentor Series
  • The Serenity App
  • Serenity Heart Process
  • Serenity Meditation
  • Serenity Morning (and Evening) Meditations
  • PLUS - Special Bonuses 

2 payments of $47

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PLUS - You get our 30 Day Guarantee
If you don't experience greater calmness, inner peace and clarity
with Serenity than any program you've ever used,
simply return it for your full money back.

Paul Bauer

You have my personal promise that The Serenity Program will be one of the most powerful programs you've ever experienced - or your money back.

Why wait even one more day to let go of the old emotions and programs that have held you back from being your True Self?