How to Move Through Difficult Times
With Paul Bauer

Part 1

Here's some of what you'll learn in this Webinar:

  • The specific things I did to pull out of the worst downward spiral of my life

  • A simple but powerful exercise that you can use anytime anywhere to relax, unwind and let go (11 min)

  • How to allow and *tap into* the power of your feelings (13 min)

  • If fear or uncertainty stops you in an way, here’s how to find its true purpose (and how it can empower you to move forward in life) (15 Min)

  • The secrets of the Emotional Brain (and why it is crucial to your health and well being) (17:30 mark)

  • The real truth of unresolved emotions (20:10 mark)

  • How to experience deep healings (no matter where you live) with this special substance (22 min)

  • Why Essential Oils are the key to your health and wellness

  • The secrets of the plant kingdom (and how they can help your energy, emotional balance and health
  • If you’re concerned about your immune system (or illness of any kind) learn why your physical vibration is the key (25 Min)